Sunset Television is:

Drew Blatman
Alex Goldberg
Graham Mason
Karrie Crouse
Jesse Millward
Shariq Siddiqui

So there’s not a lot of information out there about you guys. How did you meet each other and form the group?
Alex: We wonder how much we should leave to mystery, or something like that.
Shariq: No last names.
Drew: This is just who we hang out with, basically.
Shariq: I was on the outside looking in at first. I would walk by in the hallway and put my face in the window. Try to gauge how it was going. You guys need some water?

It’s pretty offbeat stuff. What informs that?
Graham: I think the tone of the show isn’t as weird to us as it is to other people. People say it’s really depressing or…
Alex: Disgusting. (laughs)
Drew: Disturbing.
Karrie: I get “creepy.” I get “creepy” a lot.
Drew: It’s pretty much just what we find funny. Rubbing a penis on a mirror is just funny.

What’s the process like?
Alex: It’s very collaborative. Which is a great. I think rather than just sitting in our rooms perfecting what we’re doing, actually putting shit out there, you learn so much more that way.
Drew: It’s a long process from start to finish. Editing takes up the most time.
Graham: Editing takes three times longer than everything else.
Alex: We always feel embarrassed by how long the editing takes. So the editing results in shame and the shame prolongs the editing and then we finish.

Do you argue or fight at all about ideas?
Karrie: I knew this question was going to be asked, actually. No, but I think…
Shariq: I slapped Karrie once. She had it coming.
Karrie: There will be a decision that somehow divides the group, and we’ll argue back and forth. But it's never like we stop talking to each other.
Alex: Sometimes I think we should fight more, that it’d be better if we fought more.
Shariq: Like The Beatles. Fight a little bit every day.

What’s the reaction like, in general?
Alex: Karrie’s family disowned her for a little while. No joke, and my grandmother had a great reaction to the last one. “I did not watch more than five seconds.”
Jesse: I just got back from home and I found out that my father’s never sat through an entire episode. And I thought that was interesting. Every time I would mention Sunset Television he’d be like, “huh?”
Graham: One of the blips, this animation called “Cops For Kids,” that one blew up and was like, viral.
Alex: There was very little spillover. But we were on G4!
Graham: Yeah, we were on that cable TV network G4.
Alex: So that was flattering.

We haven’t talked a lot about comedy yet because your stuff isn’t something that necessarily propels me in that direction. Why do you think that is?
Drew: Sometimes it’s about creating a certain style or vibe. Sometimes that’s just as important as getting a laugh.
Graham: I think part of it is that none of us feel super comfortable as comedy performers.
Drew: No one’s trying to be like “I am the star!” or something. It’s more about like, here’s an idea and let’s try to be as honest about it as possible.
Karrie: That’s true. None of us want to be comedians.
Graham: I like how when you watch the show you don’t necessarily know who the cast is. We want to try to hide that a little bit.
Shariq: Yeah, it’s its own self-contained world.
Graham: It’s not like SNL, “Featuring….”
Alex: It would be ridiculous if we did that.

What would your dream interview have been like?
Jesse: My dream interview would have been if we were on a ranch or something. Riding around on horses, just talking about the show.

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