© 2009

Epilogue is a multimedia based project that began in 2009. The emphasis of the magazine is the interaction between culture and art; the magazine will include high-end design work, selected fiction, and transcribed conversations with culturally relevant figures.

The magazine staff is based in Los Angeles and New York City
as a coordinated effort by some of the top young photographers, designers, illustrators, writers and musicians from the coasts
and in between. 

As an online publication, we look at ourselves as less of a magazine and more of a literary journal. Epilogue seeks to find the revelatory story, the powerful narrative, and the tales that bind generations. We aim to transcribe these ageless, reflective stories and have them serve as the core of our project and our mission.

The name Epilogue was given because we are taking cultural stimuli and constructing a thoughtful analysis and representation of the many aspects of our global and local civilization, an effort to “tie up the loose ends” like an epilogue from a novel.